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Top 10 Reasons A Concert Is The Best Date

Posted: 16 September 2016

In need of some date inspiration? We’re here to help. Having an entertaining date might seem easy, but things can go downhill fast. How can you guarantee that the date will be a hit? The answer is a concert.

1. Looks aren’t important, it’s taste in music that really counts

Sure, eye-candy is nice, but to live music junkies, ear-candy is what really matters. If your date has the same taste in music, you most likely will have other things in common too. Plus, good music makes for good memories.

2. Sharing in a new experience

If your date isn’t as dialed into the music scene as you are, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your knowledge and teach them something new. Now you’ll have a bonding experience that you will always remember.

3. Concerts are conversation starters

If you’re at a concert, you most likely know the band well, or have heard of their music. Take this opportunity to discuss what you know about the band, or bring up other topics relating to music during set break. Music is emotional, so why not stir up some emotional conversations and light a spark?

4. Let your inhibitions run wild

We’re not saying you should set yourself up for a three-drink minimum, but a shot, beer, or glass of wine will certainly set the mood. Why not buy one for your date while you’re at it?

5. Music will prevent any awkward silences

We all know the feeling. Running out of something to talk about often ends in an awkward pause or worse, awkward silence. That awkward silence can completely mess up the juju of a date. At a concert, you can focus on the music and each other.

6. Dancing is always a great excuse to get close

Chances are, if you’re on a date, your guy/girl is probably feeling some sort of connection. Take this opportunity to connect even further by taking charge, and moving in for a dance. Simply feel the beat, and get grooving!

7. Concerts set the mood

Even if you’re in a theater with 2,000 people, the dim lighting from a concert can set the tone for romance. Plus, soft lights makes everyone look better.

8. Adrenaline

Nothing beats the adrenaline pumping adventures of a concert. When adrenaline is released, it causes the heart to beat faster, and the body’s energy to skyrocket. Plan a date that makes pulses race and hearts beat fast. You’ll be in for the perfect kickass adventure for two.

9. Concerts are a positive experience

There’s nothing more inspiring than sharing an experience with like-minded music lovers, and in a perfect world, dates should be positive experiences right? After a great show, you and your date will most likely be smiling for days.

10. After the date

If things go well, it might be your lucky night!

We look forward to seeing you and your date!